Book: Reflections

Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Coaching > Expat Coaching

Expat Coaching

This type of coaching is especially geared towards individuals who either lead an international life or live or work in a multi-cultural environment. It is often combined with Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Business Coaching and Leadership Coaching, however it augments with additional perspectives for unique needs.

Cultural Awareness

  • Clearly recognize the differences between ones own culture and other cultures
  • Enhance observational abilities and develop “finger tip” sensing
  • Behaviour, communication, leading a multi-cultural environment


  • Moving brings loss of identity, one looses ones surroundings, ones roles, ones relationships and often start at zero again
  • Who am I in constant change? Each change is like a new chapter in a book, how do I find the plot and write a good story?
  • How do I define and establish myself in a new, unknown environment?

Mobile Relationships

  • How do I handle family, partners, friendships?
  • Network despite mobile lifestyle
  • Managing proactively instead of being „the fire brigade“
  • Clearly define and work on expectations and needs

International Career Planning

  • Strengths and Weakness analysis
  • Recognize or create possibilities
  • building international networks
  • Expanding your portfolio

Change Management

  • Staying flexible
  • Innovative thinking
  • going forward strategically
  • Being open and aware
  • Excite and leading

Integration / social or professional network

  • How do I quickly integrate without loosing my individuality?
  • Where and how do I create a suitable environment?
  • From outsider or newcomer to being an active participant in a group or in a team