Book: Reflections

Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Coaching > Life Coaching

Life Coaching

You want to develop yourself or change something in your life. You somehow feel stuck in a rut or want to have a new orientation. Some areas in your life seem not to be well balanced or you are unhappy. You have new goals or ideas and want to action on these more quickly and more easily, with the help of coaching.

Personal Development

  • Situational analysis – where did I come from and where do I want to go? „The plot“
  • Clearly define life’s pathway or vision
  • Develop a strategy with milestones

Values – Beliefs - Needs

  • Values – clearly defined they are like a checklist of standards, that fulfil your life and make it authentic
  • Beliefs – rules that help or hinder your life which can be proactively changed
  • Needs – unmet needs drain energy while fulfilled ones lead to a feeling of wholeness

Fulfilment in all Aspects of Life

  • What belongs to a fulfilled life for you?
  • Which areas are neglected or not fulfilled?
  • Be self responsible and take on the next steps to define a fuller life

Personal Strengths

  • Recognize your personal strengths
  • Find or create the right environment
  • Better understand your own dynamics
  • Increase sense of self esteem

Improve Relationships / Friendships / Contacts

  • Active listening
  • Character relevant communication
  • Recognizing and managing expectations
  • How do I maintain my individuality in a partnership/company?
  • „Valueable“ networking

Life – Balance

  • Family, Friends
  • Work, Performance, Engagement
  • Physical fitness, Health
  • Purpose, Spirituality
  • Fun, Relaxation