Book: Reflections

Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Coaching > Business Coaching

Business Coaching

You want to start your own business or further develop an existing company and identify possibilities and challenges clearly. You want to achieve more and are ready to define details and take action.

Vision und Mission

  • Identify a clear vision (idea) and mission (strategy) to provide clarity and motivation for all people involved
  • During this process you become aware of possible „stumbling blocks“ or inconsistencies which can be managed proactively.
  • Getting staff „on board“ through involvement and clear communication

Company Values

  • Values act as rules and standards upon which everything can be measured
  • Values as the basis for product development, marketing, PR, succession planning and developing strategies
  • Company values = company culture


  • Being an example of company culture through courage and openness
  • Mistakes are welcome if they turn into a learning opportunity
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Observing and identifying or creating trends


  • Delegation
  • Establishing structures and processes
  • Team development
  • Communication and keeping „a tab on the pulse“
  • Proactively managing the stations of the growth curve

Customer satisfaction

  • Awakening the interest of internal and external customers
  • Managing relationships
  • Communication- service – loyalty- enthusiasm

Developing employees

  • Potential analysis
  • Development possibilities
  • Coaching – training
  • Feedback, employee assessments and career development discussions