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Coaching > Questions & Answers

Questions & answers

What is coaching?

Coaching is a relatively young profession, which has gained an enormous increase of recognition over the last years. Coaching has proven to be the best solution in the area of „change“: for people who want to enhance their quality of life or for companies of all sizes that wish to raise their sales, change their situation on the market or aim for happier customers or employees. Through the impact of coaching all these goals can be reached.

The coach is working with clients on all levels of their professional and private life. Relationships, motivation, work-life-balance and self-esteem are worked on as well as leadership, public speaking, goal setting and teambuilding.

Every successful person knows the value to partner up with someone who supports and accompanies them. A coach is the most suitable and most effective way to do that. No matter how near or far your goals are and whether you can see them clearly or not. Your coach will help you to find the shortest and easiest way to get there.

How does coaching work?

Your coach is your partner for a period of time. Their agenda consists only of what is on your agenda. They will not judge you. Your coach will assess with you what your current situation is, and will support you to define your vision and goals in detail. Together you will then design the shortest and most effective action plan to get there.

Even if you loose sight of your goals by dealing with the details, your coach will always hold your goals and vision up for you to stay on track. A supportive partnership will help you reach the results you strive for in your private and professional arena. Furthermore, you will recognize a shift in your quality of life through working with a coach. You will be more optimistic, more motivated and better capable of dealing with the changes that happen in your life.

This benefit will stay with you even after you are not being coached anymore.

How fast do I see results?

When and how results are achieved solely depends on the effort and time you want to put in, as well as on the size of your goals. Some people already have major breakthroughs in their first session while for others it takes longer. Everybody is different!

How much time do I need?

This is entirely up to you! In most cases coaching is done over the phone. The benefits of it are: no travel costs and no travelling to and from the session. You can be coached wherever you are at that moment which gives you total flexibility. You choose how often you want to be coached per month. In most cases people have between 2 and 4 conversations per month. The calls are usually between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on your preference. There is also the option of “group coaching” where more people take part and the duration can then be adapted.

The life circle of a coaching relationship depends on the client’s choice. Some just want to be coached to get one task done or reach one goal, while others want to work on many different issues and use the coach over a long period of time, sometimes even many years. This is in direct relation to their goals, and achievements they acquire through coaching.

As a guideline I recommend to commit to a 3 month period as it takes time to build a relationship of trust and let the first accomplishments unfold.

What are the benefits of telephone coaching?

Coaching is usually done over the phone. This can be an unusual concept for people being used to having appointments face-to-face. Nevertheless there are a number of good reasons to being coached over the phone:

  • No travel expenses
  • No travel time investment
  • No distraction that can occur face-to-face
  • You are more concentrated on yourself and can therefore open up easier.
  • Commitment to a series of phone calls is easier, as it is not so time consuming as meetings are
  • You can have you session from any place in the world, which gives you total flexibility