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Reflections of the Week

Allow yourself the feeling of Aliveness!

2009-11-15 10:00 (comments: 0)

A human being can survive weeks without food, a few days without water but only a few minutes without air! You probably know that already, right? Let’s see how this relates to our lifestyle today. A person breathes approximately 24000 times on an average day, but most of us only use the smaller upper part of our lungs. We sit (often crouched over) on chairs, in cars, on couches or in airplanes. Instead of breathing deeply into our stomach to inflate our lungs to their full capacity, we breathe shallowly, shortly and quickly. So, 24000 times a day we are not using all our resources to supply our cells and our brain with sufficient oxygen, to allow us to be more fit, vital and „more alive“ than in the moment right now!

Our brain consists 76 % of water, our lungs 90 % and our blood 84 % of water. Therefore, we will agree, that water plays a prominent role in our life. How does our body dehydrate? We sweat and loose water through secretion; on average 2.5 liter per day. This amount needs to be restored into the body to keep it fully functional and not reacting with fatigue, stress symptoms or health problems. How much do you drink per day and what do you drink? By the way, Coffee and alcohol are contra productive as they dehydrate even more!

Take part in the 10 day challenge: more water and air for more „aliveness “. 
Drink daily 2 - 2.5 liters of water and start first thing in the morning (1 - 2 glasses on an empty stomach). In addition, consciously breathe deeply as often as possible -  into the stomach - and hold the air there for a while, so your body is able to sufficiently absorb the oxygen through your lungs. A trick on how to remember to often breathe deeply, is to always breathe deeply before you take a sip!

Allow yourself the feeling of aliveness!


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