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Reflections of the Week

Are you as successful in private life as you are in your job?

2012-08-28 17:49 (comments: 0)

How was your holiday? Did you take the time to do all the things that you love? Did you do more sports, think about your life or spend more time with your family? Maybe you even adapted a healthier life style for the holidays?

Unfortunately all these positive changes don’t last long, and as soon as we are back in our daily routine we return to our old habits.

I know this from my own experience. Even though on my vacation I made sure I stayed in shape, now I find myself considering to sacrific my exercise routine for more work time. I made sure that I ate a healthy and balanced diet while on vacation, but I find it much more difficult to follow it now that I’m back on my busy schedule. The temptation to quickly eat junk food becomes stronger when the to-do list is growing before my eyes and it takes time to prepare healthy choices.

Upon closer examination this willingness to sacrifice our own well-being is almost grotesque. We make no fuss when we have to get up earlier than usual to make it on time to a work appointment but we fight for every minute in bed when we are supposed to get up earlier to do our sport routine. We do a thorough research to prepare well for a presentation or a meeting, but this zeal is difficult to find when we are supposed to find ways to eat healthier.  We invest a lot of time and energy into building and maintaining our social networks, but when we leave the office we often simply go home and we don’t invest the same energy into improving and enriching our family lives.

With this in mind, I would like to challenge you with these two reflections and I encourage you to carefully consider their implications:

You live your whole life in your body, including the time when you finally retire. Your body might seem to be in a good shape now, but the constant exploitation and burning the candle at both ends is bound to have consequences once you are older. Are you fully aware of this?

If you get ill or depressed, and when you get old and need help, your company or your clients will not be at your side, providing loving care. In those moments you will be only able to count on your family members and your friends, but only if you cultivate your relationships with these people now instead of taking them for granted. 



At the worst, a house unkept cannot be so distressing as a life unlived.

Dame Rose Macaulay


I think wholeness comes from living your life consciously during the day and then exploring your inner life or unconscious at night.

Margery Cuyler


Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.

A. Sachs



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