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Reflections of the Week

Autumn Leaves

2009-11-22 10:00 (comments: 0)

Autumn is knocking at our door. The days are shorter and the nights are longer. For some people this season is rather melancholic and sad, while for others that is the time to settle down, enjoy the longer evenings in front of an open fire or on the couch with a good cup of tea and a candle. 

I remember very well one autumn day, when my daughter was very sad looking at all the dead leafs on the ground. She was almost crying and looked up to me with these big eyes looking for a good answer as to why God would let them die. What I answered was: “You know, they came from the earth through the tree, grew, lived a full life and now they are just returning to where they came from - see them dancing to the ground? They are letting the tree rest through the winter, just so he can grow new leafs in the spring.” You should have seen my daughters shining eyes, her expression of wonder,  her thoughts like: "how  do leaves know all that?", her respect for the tree to do such good work and then her activity to sweep all the leaves on stones back onto  the grass, so they can go back to where they came from. A huge shift happened as to how she looked at dead leafs and she was happy again.

Sometimes we encounter situations where we just can’t see why a particular event would have any benefit to anybody or anything. Even for optimists, there are challenging times in life where we can’t see much positive. At these points it is good to remember that with some reflection and by talking to the right person, we will finally realize that the present is perfect and meant to be. There is always a divine lesson we can learn and grow from, when we keep searching for the positive side of a situation or observation.

Whenever something stops being the way it was or changes, endless new possibilities are opening up for us; we just need to be able to open up our mind and eyes to see them !


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