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Reflections of the Week

Back to Basics - the time is running out!

2010-02-25 16:05 (comments: 0)

The early-bird price is only valid until March 1, 2010!!!!

This is what people said after participating in different workshops we delivered:

- What a great experience. It has made me curious about myself. I'm sure I'll surprise myself a lot in the future about all my capabilities! 

- This has been an experience I'll never forget. I have cried, I have laughed and did both at the same time too!

- I have really experienced that I can do much more than I thought and that my possibilities are limitless. Thanks!

- I will look back on this experience with immense appreciation for the rest of my life.

- One of your true gifts is that you can present a workshop to a full room, yet make individual contact with virtually everyone.  As a participant, you leave feeling like you've had an individual coaching session.  Your information is relevant, positive, professional, and personal.  You are engaging, uplifting, and motivational.  Plus, the gentle manner in which you presents yourself generates trust and puts the audience at ease immediately.  I look forward to attending more workshops.


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