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Reflections of the Week

Back to Basics - only 2 Spaces left!

2010-03-12 16:17 (comments: 0)

Imagine this: For three days, you leave everything behind, go to a place high up in the mountains where the nature is strong, the time seems to stand still and the stillness and space around you creates stillness and space within you. No Stress, no cell phones, no distraction.

During this 3 day workshop you will be examining all areas of your life. You will get more clarity on what you want to leave behind and which new roads you are choosing to take. The unique combination of nature, silence, physical activity, and personal coaching is geared to enable you to realize what truely counts in your life.

If you feel attracted then it is high time to take action as we have only 2 spaces left! For more information please see here.

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