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Do I get lost in the story?

2013-08-14 13:03 (comments: 0)

(Entry from my diary from 2 years ago - still very relevant!)

I’m sitting on a beautiful beach, looking at the breathtaking and stunning ocean colors ranging from turquoise to dark blue. A light, pleasant breeze is in the air, the waves roll gently onto the sand, the birds are singing cheerfully and I have a good book in my hands.
I start to read and all my senses get silent, almost numb, and my attention gets lost in the words that I read. It is as if the author is telling me his story himself and nothing else matters at this moment. I am gone from here and now; I leave behind everything I have taken in through my senses and I immerse myself in the pages of the book. I dive fully in and become a part of the story, the reality is gone.
The same thing often happens in real life!

Maybe yesterday I had an argument with my partner, my children, or a colleague at work and today I still feel upset, although I might be sitting alone in my beautiful garden with a cup of coffee. I am not aware of the wonderful sounds of the garden, I do not smell the rich aroma of coffee, I don’t enjoy the comfortable chair I am relaxing in… Instead, I am still stuck in the story from yesterday which is not even happening at the moment!
Do you sometimes get lost in a story too?

Which book would you like to close now and instead enjoy the present moment?

-  I am sitting at this wonderful beach. I breathe in the ocean air and I enjoy it. I relax and I consciously take in the present moment with all my senses before I turn to the book and the next interesting chapter again. I do it with the feeling of gratitude and the knowledge that I will be able to return to this abundant and exhilarating reality again.




Slowly I discovered the secret of my art. It consists of a meditation on nature, on the expression of a dream which is always inspired by reality

Henri Matisse


We can make all our dreams come true, but first we have to decide to awaken from them.


Josephine Baker


To be awake is to be alive.


Henry David Thoreau




Close your eyes and enjoy!

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