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Have you asked why...?

2012-02-10 22:45 (comments: 0)

Why do you actually get up in the morning? Why do you spend so much time working, telephoning, eating, driving, cleaning or watching TV?

The newspapers today are full of stories about burnout victims who have lost their zest for life, or people who are simply unhappy. Why is that?  Where does this come from?

I got curious and I started asking people: “Why?” in the last few weeks. It was really exciting.

In the process, I noticed two things:  The first answer was a confident, non-verbal signal which showed me through the people’s body language that they knew why they were doing what they were doing. However, as soon as they tried to put the same message in words, some of the people I talked to became uncertain or even surprised to find out, that what they were telling me actually wasn’t true.

Here is one example:
Question: “Why do you actually go to the networking events if you dislike them so much?”
Answer: “I have to meet more people to advance my business.”
Second question: “So how many people have you actually met in those networking events and how have you benefited from this?”
Answer: “Uh, no idea, I’m not so good at networking.”

Why then choose this way if this isn’t really your thing? Why not look for more constructive ways that suit and serve you better? Why not look for ways that promise success and motivate or enrich you instead of doing things that rob you of your energy and frustrate you?

Why do I work overtime? Am I really still productive after so many hours of work? Why do we turn the TV on every evening? Is it really so relaxing? Why do I overeat, or why don’t I do more sport? Can't I do it better?

Action Plan:

Observe some areas of your life from a new perspective. Don’t simply assume that everything is supposed to be the way it is now. Instead, ask: “why?”

If you can honestly convince yourself that things should be the way they are, great! Otherwise reconsider your approach and choose a way that suits your nature and your style better. You are worth it!


People groom their hair every day; why not their hearts, too?

Proverb from India

It is clear to me that we cover our bodies to protect them from cold.
Why then do we cover our feelings even though we sense that it chills us?

Kristiane Allert-Wybranietz

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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