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Reflections of the Week

Let's be honest now!

2013-08-31 15:10 (comments: 0)

We are all different in the way we deal with difficulties and obstacles in life. It quickly becomes visible in a conversation when somebody reacts inappropriately to difficulties. There are people who dare not look the reality in the eye. This prevents them from finding a solution or dealing with the problem adequately. We know this behavior as "burying your head in the sand ". For example, there are people, who even when faced with multiple lay-offs in their company will pretend that there is no problem and refuse to consider their options in case they should be laid off themselves.

Then there are the people who overdramatize everything. They make a proverbial mountain out of a molehill. Let’s say a person with this tendency to overdramatize has just been fired. This situation gets turned in their mind into an avalanche of worst case scenarios: they will never find a new job, they will lose everything, nobody will ever hire them again…etc. This attitude leads to a mental paralysis and makes these people incapable of doing anything constructive to improve their situation.

Here's my advice:  face the reality. What you will see is what it is, and cannot be dismissed, but there is also no need to make it worse than it is.

When something unwanted happens in our lives, all we need to do is to look at the reality and consider what can be done to understand, improve or to influence it. Then, we need to do what is necessary to deal with the situation, but without making things look worse than they really are.

For example: I’ve been fired – what are my options now? I haven’t lost my skills and I still have my contacts. I can expand my network and if necessary, I can get retrained.

Another example: If I’ve just had a fight with my partner, I can calm down and then try to talk to them again. I can try to understand both sides or ask a third party for help. 

Take a moment and look at areas in your life. Have you buried your head in the sand anywhere? In health or in financial planning for retirement perhaps? Where are you making a mountain out of a molehill? In relationships, or in the way you deal with the life’s mishaps?

If you have found something, look the reality straight in the eye, without making it smaller or larger than it is and ask yourself: "What can I do now ?"
Even the smallest step helps you solve the problem and brings you forward!



I do not believe in simple contrasts of black and white, of right and wrong perspectives. There are infinitely many equal perspectives of reality.

Luciano Berio


Truth is exact correspondence with reality.


Paramahansa Yogananda


You have to keep your mind objective and not stiffen up on the obstacle.

William Randolph Hearst


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