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Reflections of the Week

Now hang on a minute!

2012-11-02 20:33 (comments: 0)

A few weeks ago I often had the feeling of not being able to get anything together. Nothing seemed to flow from my hands as usual. I was not concentrated and indecisive which leads to procrastination. My internal detractor showed up forcefully and had fun with me. Do you know this feeling as well?

Well, since I am usually more spirited in life, my internal detractor was also not half bad and I suffered from it. A good friend of mine approached me about it - what was wrong with me and where was my positive radiation and attitude hidden? She hit the nail on the head and that pretty accurately, and I began to lament and complain. As I listened to myself, I had enough of it as well. “I simply have no desire for that and basically do nothing anymore. I am unproductive and can’t accomplish anything!” Well, she wanted to get to the bottom of the situation and questioned more, going further into detail which was difficult for me.

She asked: “what are you doing the whole day? I never get you on the phone, are you sleeping all day?”

„No, of course not!!!“, I answered, rolling my eyes, „I constantly drive to the hospital (my husband had a postoperative complication which kept him longer in the hospital than planned), I cook for the children and myself, wash the mountains of clothes before vacation, then I am challenged with finding new, healthy recipes but I am slowly learning. Then we had our garden party which Peter could not attend, and we had guests in the house who needed a bed and food. But I simply cannot bring myself to start the advertising for my new workshop… oh, but I did finally film the next video! That was like birthing children but I am getting better.”

Now she rolled her eyes! “So to understand what you are saying, you can’t get anything together?” “Yes!” I answered and that came from the heart. Because, I had many items on my list to advance me professionally, that I simply did not tackle. I kept seeing them on my To-Do-List and simply did not start them. When I had a free moment, I could not find the inspiration and energy to tackle them. I focused on that feeling the whole time and oversaw what all I am accomplishing, physically and mentally!

Write down a list of items that you have completed, or successes you have achieved in life, more often. Give yourself the recognition that you deserve. Use these 15 minutes and then shove the list in front of your internal detractor … that will silence him! Promised!


PS: My husband is fine again!






That which you don’t give up, you have never lost.

Friedrich Schiller



Small actions that are executed are better than big ones that are planned

George Catlett Marshall jun.


There are more people who capitulate than those that fail.

Henry Ford




Sometimes you just have to expand your horizons and find strength where you don’t expect it!


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