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Reflections of the Week

Six Thoughts about Self-Motivation and Fulfilling of Dreams

2011-11-26 16:51 (comments: 5)

When I look back at the last few years, I can clearly see how much I’ve learnt. As it often so happens, we notice such things only when we take a moment to truly reflect and visualize these learned lessons. Here are my reflections about self-motivation and fulfilling my dreams:

  1. It is always all about people! Regardless of the issues we tackle and regardless of our goals, it is all about people. It is people who buy our products, it is people who get affected when we need to cut our costs, it is people with whom we negotiate, people with whom we communicate, people who we want to reach with our advertising.  We sell our ideas to people and we also need their support to achieve our goals. Whether you are a finance expert or developing the new iPhone or grocery shopping –it’s all about people! The more we understand people, including ourselves, the happier and more successful we will be!
  2. In order to realize my dreams, I have to visualize my goals very clearly. It cannot be a vague idea or an unclear feeling. It must be described and specified in every possible detail and must encompass all the senses. Only then it can turn into a magnet, effortlessly attracting all my resources instead of being a consuming goal. I need to know exactly what I want, and most of all, to know why I want it. The reason expresses the values which are activated through my goal.  The “WHY” gives my goal the purpose.
  3. I must make clear decisions. I can’t say “maybe’ or “it would be nice”. It must be a clear statement saying “I want to do a certain thing and I want to do it now!”. Only through this clear statement can the voice of the internal debate be silenced. The decision that I’ve taken spurs me into action, which can instantly produce the first results. It doesn’t mean necessarily that we can’t learn from the experiences or that we can’t change our mind, but we should stick with an educated decision without doubting ourselves and without giving up too early due to worries or lack of self-confidence.
  4. In order to keep myself motivated, I can use various techniques, e.g. visualization or discussions with the like-minded people. It is quite normal for the initial enthusiasm to cool down a bit with time and it is normal that the inevitable setbacks might wear me out. When this happens, I can visualize my goal again, with all the details and colors, and I can imagine myself successfully achieving the goal. This is bound to immediately boost my enthusiasm and motivation and to give me the strength to go on. I also have my Success Group where I meet with motivated and supportive people. We encourage each other and we exchange ideas and brainstorm possible solutions to our challenges and we stimulate one another.
  5. Comparing oneself with other people or comparing one’s achievements with the achievements of others isn’t a particularly constructive approach. We are all different, and our products and aims are individual. Instead of measuring oneself against the others, it would be better to use this energy to identify one’s strengths and to find the right approach. What should be my next step? How can I advance my progress? Do I live up to my values? This way we remain authentic, credible and strong! Instead of comparing who is better and who is worse, try to see how you can contribute to the benefit of all.
  6. The previous point has already indicated the last important thing: Be yourself! Don’t try to copy somebody else. You are unique; an original possessing inimitable qualities and abilities. If you don’t live your life authentically and if you aren’t your genuine and irreplaceable self, then we will never have the second chance to experience your gift to the world! Be yourself and believe in your own abilities and your gift to the world!

I’m sure that among my insights you have recognized many of your own. I hope I have inspired you to think some things over and that now you will be able to answer the following question:

“What are the six things I have learnt that help me to motivate myself and help me fulfill my dreams?” I would be very happy if we started a discussion about this and if we enriched and supported each other to make the year 2012 even more successful and fulfilling than this one. Please feel free to write your thoughts and comments in my blog and take an active part in this discussion!



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Comment by Karen Corcoran | 2011-12-01

1. A good coach is worth her weight in gold.
2. Even though we don't always know exactly where we'll end up, if we (to paraphrase Thoreau) go confidently in the general direction of our dreams soon we can live the life we've imagined.
3. Be open to experiences and people.
4. Change is inevitable - embrace it.
5. Take more walks.
6. Spend more time with people you really enjoy. Let go of relationships that don't serve you well.

Comment by Désirée Steinmann | 2011-12-01

Karen, so nice to hear from you again! Great comments ... I like especially number one :-)
Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Apurve Mehra | 2012-03-19

Coach Wooden always had the demeanor and way with words to get his message across. Definitely a wonderful talk. Glad it impacted you that much.

Comment by pizza pan | 2012-05-04

I was very happy that I discovered this website. I needed to thank you for this excellent information!! I undoubtedly appreciated every bit of it and I have bookmarked your blog to check out the new stuff you post down the road.

Comment by Desiree Steinmann | 2012-05-04

Thank you "pizza pan" for your kind feedback! That just motivates me to do more and become better at what I am doing :-) You have made my day !