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Reflections of the Week

Ready for the home stretch?

2014-10-31 09:46 (comments: 0)

In the last weeks (see the Blog) we have set up clear goals, tapped into our powerhouse within and adjusted our energy settings in order to secure enough energy to get us through the finish line. We have found motivation to keep us moving forward and we have looked for synergies which could support us and our goals. We have also asked what risks we are willing to take in order to become successful.

Now it’s the time to talk about the home stretch of this year! Before you roll your sleeves up and give your best to be able to cross the finish line with your head held high, it is advisable to revise your curse.

In life, just like in sailing, it is vital to regularly revise and correct the chosen course. Is the goal still valid? Is my strategy still appropriate or should I adjust it? Has the way changed due to some obstacles? Have I realized that my vision has actually changed?

This reality check helps me to make sure that I am on the right way to where I really want to get and helps me to embrace the developments and changes on the way.  

One of my readers wrote to me saying: “I was planning to launch a new product before the end of the year to improve the turnover. However, after the initial runs it became clear that the product wasn’t quite ready yet. What can I do then about my goal to sell 2000 pieces by 31 December?”

In such situation it is advisable to decide whether this product should be still pushed or whether the target turnover could be achieved with another product. Or perhaps the original goal needs to be redefined, e.g. By 31 December eliminate all problems and defects to ensure the successful launch of the product in the New Year?

Adjust your vision one more time, activate all your motivation and mobilize all resources that are at your disposal and cross the finish line with strong presence and a big smile on your face….even though you might not have achieved everything you intended to. As long as you have given your best and have learnt from this experience, you have moved forward!

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The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.


Okakura Kakuzo


We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.


Bertha Calloway


More important then the right way is the right direction.


Stefan Persson

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