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The Sure Way to Appreciation, Bonding and Loyalty

2015-08-06 14:56 (comments: 0)

Do you know the value of a personal story? As a matter of fact it is quite simple. As soon as one connects a personal, positive story with a human, a subject or an activity, one feels appreciated, bonded and loyal.
Here a few examples. I have a good acquaintance whose entire apartment is full of art from all possible areas of the world. I have several times enjoyed a personal tour and, again and again, I notice that he has an individual story to tell with each art work ... more than where it came from and who the artist was. As soon as he begins the storytelling, one somehow becomes a part of the story, or better yet a "confidant", and now every time I visit, that individual piece sticks out from the rest of the treasures. It becomes something precious!
I have always been proud of my first name since my parents picked it out for a reason and told me the story over an over again ... it was more than just a random name, there is a nice story with it ... it becomes something precious!
A company in the medical sector with which I once had dealings, invited every year to a large company event, people who became healthy through the company's products or whose life circumstances could be enormously improved. These people stood up in front of the assembled employees and told stories about their personal successes which were enabled by the company's products. You should have listened to and seen the employees during the breaks, how proud they were to work for such a company and to be part of such moving and positive stories. Their loyalty was very much strengthened and their work became something precious!
What stories can you now recount to your employees, customers, partners or family members to increase their appreciation and induce a feeling of bonding and loyalty? Use this simple way to make your life, your work or your product something precious!


The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels.  

Hazrat Inayat Khan 

There are so many different ways lives work out, so many stories, and every one of them is precious: full of joy and heartbreak, and a fair amount of situation comedy.  

Sean Stewart    


It's like your batteries get low, and you need to charge them on someone else's story.  

 Margaret Cho

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