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Reflections of the Week

Time for Reflection

2009-11-01 10:00 (comments: 0)

Today I had a conversation about what I am doing as a coach and why more and more people now use this kind of support privately, and not just top management in big corporations. There are many factors. One is that life has become much more complex and fast paced, and we easily are caught up in the performance mode of “instant action” with little time for reflection.

Even though space is getting more and more limited and cities are more and more crowded, we still seem to be increasingly alone and disconnected. Families move apart - often in different countries or even continents, and friendships seem not to last as long as they perhaps did fifty or hundred years ago. Without a tight social structure around you, you don’t have other people who really know you, give you advice, or provide an open ear when you just need to talk about something important or intimate.

In a world that is dominated by flashy pictures and big possibilities, many fall into the trap of always wanting more, reaching higher and just following opportunity after opportunity, without following their own inner path. Having a bigger car than the neighbor or climbing the career ladder becomes our daily focus and I often see employees being promoted beyond their ability, only to loose their jobs due to poor performance later. “He was a great sales manager, but is a lousy division leader or strategist.”

Another big roadblock we face often in life, are our beliefs which we have accumulated while growing up. “I am not good at ….”, “A mother belongs at home with the kids”, “Men don’t ask for help, they help themselves”, “Always be nice and friendly”, “Big boys don’t cry”, “I will never be able to afford that or I don’t deserve that” …
If you tell yourself that you cannot get to the other side of a wall, you won’t even bother looking around and recognizing the open doors just a few steps down the road!

I will not be able to mention all the great aspects and benefits of coaching in this letter, but I invite you to focus on the underlined words in the text this week.

Take time to reflect on your present situation in life, listen with an open ear to what your heart is telling you, and become more aware of the things that are important to you. Do you have enough of them in your life right now? What could you change to better follow your inner path? What beliefs have you picked up from others in your life that hinder you from seeing the open doors of possibility? If you join me in this week of reflection, please remember to stay playful, have fun, and observe with delight how your imagination might just become your reality!


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