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Reflections of the Week

Time to celebrate!

2013-10-05 09:30 (comments: 0)

10 years ago I started on an exciting journey. After training for my second career I started my own company Steinmann International. I had to overcome the guilt feeling of wanting to work even though we had young children and tame my professional women in me, that wanted to jump in with 200 % to make it work and create success in as little time as possible. After I worked out a contract between the mother in me with her desires and ambition to be the best mother I could be and the professional women in me that wanted to work hard and make a difference in the business world, to value and respect both sides, I was set up to succeed emotionally. Then I got to work and did my best to keep the balance and achieve my goals in both areas of my life.

Often, I hear from people how quickly time flies, and that they are always working towards reaching a goal, and how they will start to enjoy life once they have reached this next goal. I encourage you today, to celebrate more along the way! This is how you slow down the clock and start living more in the moment.

Take a serious look at how you celebrate! Does a smile cross your face before you go back to “reality”? Do you tell others about your accomplishments, or would you call this bragging? Do you give a “high five” to someone and maybe even jump up for that? What do you do then? How long do you keep yourself in this state of “high positive emotions”? One minute, 5 minutes or longer? Do you treat yourself with a nice dinner or something else that makes you feel good?

I caught myself yesterday: when my daughter came and told me about something she had done well, I said: “Well done! You can be really proud of that, but it would be also great if you could also do ...this a little better!”

I just wanted to bite my tongue afterwards! You should have seen her face. I saw her excitement drop from level 100 to minus 10! This was so dramatic for me, that I dropped everything I had in my hands and started all new again. I told her that I had reacted wrongly and that I wanted to rewind this moment and try differently … Kids are great, you know! - their imagination is so lively, that she agreed and we started anew.

Oh Boy, what a difference! She came in again and told me about her victory and I looked straight at her and showed her my interest and eagerness to hear all about it. She started to talk about it and, once in a while, I asked her to describe an element in more detail; or how it made her feel; or where in her body, she is feeling this feeling right now. She took me to her place of total positive feeling and I started to feel it too.

It only took 5 Minutes to change everything. After this time of celebration and acknowledging her success, we both were in the emotional state of winners. Everything seemed easier and more fun.

It doesn’t matter if you are a leader of a big corporation, an entrepreneur, a spouse, a student or a mother. We often focus so much on how we can do more, be better or faster, that we forget to celebrate, or at least we celebrate only very quickly and quietly. This week I invite you to take action!

1.     Write down every success or goal you've reached in the past three months - no matter how small.

2.     Which ones did you celebrate and how?

3.     Choose to celebrate your accomplishments right now and from today onwards.


P.S. You could also encourage your friends of family to do the same and maybe you could even organize an event just to acknowledge, and celebrate each other’s victories. Our world could use a little more “celebrating the positive”!




The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Oprah Winfrey


Stop seeing the obstacles you face as reasons why you can't do something. See them as a reason why you can. And celebrate your accomplishments on a daily basis.

Ali Vincent



How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!

Maya Angelou


Turn up the volume, kick off your shoes and jump and dance and sing, like no one is watching ... have fun!

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