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Reflections of the Week

What you can learn from a good book

2014-02-07 15:36 (comments: 0)

Do you sometimes catch yourself not being able to put a book down?  Do you know this feeling when you are already tired from reading but in spite of this you still say to yourself: “Just one more chapter!” and you keep reading?

This usually happens because the transitions from one chapter to the next are written so well that you cannot wait to get to the next chapter.

Your life can also look like this!
How good are your transitions? Can you also hardly wait to experience your next chapter?

Let us first clarify what I mean by transitions.
When you wake up, for example, it is the transition from sleeping to being awake. When you wake up, are you excited and eager to get up and start the new day? If not, chances are that it is not related to the day itself, but to your attitude, i.e. the thoughts in your head about this particular day. Perhaps you haven’t made plans to do anything that inspires you or is interesting on this particular day.  Most people have a pretty good idea of ​​what they want to do or what they want to achieve when they start a working day. (If you are not one of them, call me quickly and let’s book a few hours of coaching!J)

One place when there is often a problem with a good transition is the change from the working time to the leisure time.
Many of my clients often describe how hard it is to shift gears between the work and the home and family. It takes time, and often the partner at home is unhappy about what is left of my client's energy and attention to the family life after work. 
How does it look like in your case? If you want to work out a better transition and want a more successful and enriching experience in your leisure time, then I’d like to offer a good strategy to you:
On your way home, take a few minutes to mentally close all the professional issues. When you get home, establish a ritual which will “transform” you from a “professional person” to a “private person”. Use music, being in the nature, movement, a change of clothes or a refreshing shower as the symbol of this transition. And just as you determine what you want to achieve at work when you wake up, determine on your way home what you want to do with the evening and decide what impression you want to make on your loved ones.

This way you will be emotionally prepared and hopefully you will be able to pay more attention to the people that are truly important in your life.

Before going to sleep, you can also make the transition in your thoughts to a comforting and relaxing night's sleep.
This way your life can resemble a great page-turner which you don't want to put down!


Just the knowledge that a good book is awaiting one at the end of a long day makes that day happier.

Kathleen Norris


Each decision we make, each action we take, is born out of an intention.

Sharon Salzberg


I believe the choice to be excellent begins with aligning your thoughts and words with the intention to require more from yourself.


Oprah Winfrey


Here is a movie that will put you instantly in a happy mood!

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