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2018-01-25 11:53

Why is Purpose the hot topic for 2018?

Research has shown that purpose-oriented workers are 64% more likely to find fulfillment in their jobs – this will reduce stress and absenteeism a lot! 51% purpose-oriented workers are more likely to have stronger relationships with co-workers, customers and clients.

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2015-08-13 11:03

This New World Needs New Paradigms

Our world is changing faster and more globally than ever before. We have entered a new era with breathtaking speed and this is why I’m asking myself today: “Are we aware of the new challenges and the new opportunities?”

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2015-08-06 14:56

The Sure Way to Appreciation, Bonding and Loyalty

Do you know the value of a personal story? As a matter of fact it is quite simple. As soon as one connects a personal, positive story with a human, a subject or an activity, one feels appreciated, bonded and loyal.

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2015-06-08 10:00


What exactly are soliloquies? Discussions that I have with myself. Who am I then? The “I” or the “SELF”? Am I more than just one personality?

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2015-02-13 16:33

Your personal Quality Checklist - Part 2 – Needs

Needs are a very interesting topic. We all know our basic physiological needs such as food, water, air, daylight, vitamins, etc. These needs are medically explained and we accept them as part of life. We know that we need to fulfill them in order to survive. When we talk about emotional needs, however, things often look quite different. 

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2015-01-30 12:49

Your Personal Quality Checklist - Part 1: Values

Today I’d like to invite you to read the first part of my guide to your personal Quality Checklist for your life, your career and for important decisions. 

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2015-01-16 12:27

Input and output - How do you behave?

And at the beginning of the year I’d like to ask you a question ...

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2014-11-15 20:51

Keep at it!

The difference between good and great is often a few centimetres, a couple more customer visits, or just believing in it a little bit longer!

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2014-10-31 09:46

Ready for the home stretch?

Now it’s the time to talk about the home stretch of this year! Before you roll your sleeves up and give your best to be able to cross the finish line with your head held high, it is advisable to revise your curse.

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2014-10-18 20:07

Synergy - a Win-Win Situation

So, ready, steady…..synergy! Take a moment now to find your synergy possibilities!

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