Book: Reflections

Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Newsletter "Reflections of the Week"

2011-09-23 13:48

This is your Chance!

Have you also thought 265 days ago about what you wanted to achieve in year 2011? Here is your chance! Starting today, you are going to have another 100 days to achieve ...

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2011-09-20 11:12

Monumental Thoughts

Back then, what had the highest value was splendor and artistry. Today the highest value is ...

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2011-06-24 19:11

Six great ideas for a well planned summer holiday!

The summer holidays are round the corner and, as I often hear from my friends and relatives, even this can lead to stress and tension. This is why I have put together the following six points which can help you make the best of your holidays!

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2011-06-17 13:46

How to give great advice!

How does it happen that we feel understood and helped after the conversations with some people and discouraged and annoyed by even the best-intended advice of others? What makes this difference?

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2011-06-11 15:57

Three Questions Which Can Change Everything

I have recently talked to one of my clients who barely escaped death a few years ago. It was an accident; completely unexpected, shocking but in the end enriching.

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2011-06-02 18:51

Are you a critical observer or engaged participant?

If you are not totally impassive, that is to say neutral, without any opinion or emotion, you are somewhere on the line between being a critical observer and an engaged participant. Let's take a look at these two types of players.

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2011-05-25 18:07

Resist The Temptation!

We all know there is no free lunch. Everything has a cause and effect.

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2011-05-20 15:44

Many Ways Lead To Rome

Many ways lead to Rome. I have always believed this saying as being something positive. In a conversation with a customer last week, the dark side of this saying reared itself

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2011-05-14 12:06

Cause and Effect – how much control do we really have?

One point in the book which caused me to reflect was the rule of cause and effect. Upon a deeper dive into the text, much, which we thought was understood, is turned upside down.

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2011-05-08 17:23

Virtual VIP TEAM - BUSINESS STARTUP is starting in June!

The first VIP TEAM is ready to get started (we still have one space free!). As I had some people ask for a virtual team to enable participation even when not near Zürich ... here it comes!

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