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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Newsletter "Reflections of the Week"

2010-06-04 21:23

Don’t be so flexible

Are you flexible and adaptable? Then please read on …

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2010-05-30 10:30

Are You Switched On or Off?

What makes some people so successful, motivated and positive, while others who step up simply don’t move from the starting line? Irrespective of what they are doing, why are certain people engaged with an inner passion, while others are rather mechanical and distanced? To which category do you belong?

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2010-05-23 21:10

The ultimate three possibilities that you have!

No complaining, no accusations nor being a victim. As soon as you understand that you have a choice, you can more easily assess the consequences and then make a well grounded decision. So, what are the three possibilities that we always have?

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2010-05-14 23:42

The Well of Success – 100% Responsibility

It sounds fairly logical and easy to understand, but how do we do with the execution? What exactly does it mean to take on total responsibility for your own situation?

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2010-05-07 22:16


What comes to mind when you think of the word „dandelion“? Take a moment to realize what ran through your mind as you were thinking about it ….

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2010-04-26 08:58

Choice – a Blessing or a Curse?

Freedom is something that we value very highly in our society. One way to live freedom is to have choice. We have a lot more choices but are we really happier?

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2010-04-23 20:34

Time to Think

Quickness, availability, information overload, and hyperactivity are signs of this time. How much time do you regularly take for yourself? How much time do you take to purely relax? Now we will even take a step further … how much time do you take to think?

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2010-04-10 10:37

Out of The Comfort Zone!

How much time per day or month, do you spend in your comfort zone? A perfect place to relax but not a place to stay for longer or forever spend time in, because development, the learning and the challenge to actively participate in life and determine the future, is outside of our comfort zone!

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2010-03-30 20:51

Easter Special

3 days that can change your life!

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2010-03-27 13:05

Wild Beasts

“That which one doesn’t resolve, comes back and bites” was a saying that I heard this week on the radio. It is totally applicable to many reoccurring things in coaching.

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