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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Newsletter "Reflections of the Week"

2010-03-27 13:01

An unlucky Streak

Recently during a coaching discussion we spoke about the last tennis match and how my customer handles losses. ? Is there something like an unlucky streak – missing luck or a higher power that negatively intervenes, or is it perhaps something else? Something that you can influence yourself?

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2010-03-12 16:17

Back to Basics - only 2 Spaces left!

Imagine this: For three days, you leave everything behind, go to a place high up in the mountains where the nature is strong, the time seems to stand still and the stillness and space around you creates stillness and space within you.

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2010-03-08 12:29

The Broken Bone

Today I will reflect on a story which occurred two years ago between Christmas and New Years. Our daughter, Serena, broke her femur while skiing.

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2010-03-06 17:22

Do I allow myself to be deterred from something?

In the past I often caught myself not doing something that I actually would like to have done, by being deterred by someone else’s opinion or behaviour. Recently I experienced just such a situation again and found a new way how to deal with it.

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2010-02-25 16:05

Back to Basics - the time is running out!

The early-bird price is only valid until March 1, 2010!!!! This is what people said after participating in different workshops we delivered:

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2010-02-25 15:50

Overloaded with Trivia

Once again the point has arrived. I feel totally overloaded and distracted by trivia which strain my life. Do you also know that feeling?

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2010-02-03 19:37

A simple, sweet, but also meaningful Valentine’s idea

As I was flipping through a parenting magazine a few weeks back, I came across a simple Valentine’s idea.

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2010-01-31 09:00

A Very Special Person

Who in your life has left an especially important impression upon you? What did this person do to impress you that much?

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2010-01-25 16:00

Back to Basics - Sneak a Peek - Clarity

Looking for clarity in your life? This is the place to come to!

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2010-01-15 16:35

Dream Big and Focus Small

How successful were you in the last year? Did you have many positive intentions? How many of those did you actually act upon? Did you reach, miss or even exceed your goals? How did you start into the new year? Do you have positive intentions, clear plans or perhaps fears and reservations?

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