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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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2014-10-07 16:25

How Un-Storytelling can change your life - Speech for the AWE Summit Zürich 2014 by Désirée Steinmann

Learn how storytelling or un-storytelling can change your life and walk away with 3 clear core messages! (the speech for the AWE Summit Zürich 2014 by Désirée Steinmann)

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2014-10-02 15:39

Inportant Goal Questions

We have a new idea or plan and that alone often brings with some energy. The longer we work on it, the motivation often wears out. Today I will give you some clear questions to ask ...

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2014-09-18 21:25

With Energy to the Finish Line!

What are your energy reserves right now? Is it “full speed ahead” for you or has the fall been depleting your energy levels already? 

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2014-09-05 18:41

The C-O-A Method to More Success

Still 4 months to go before the end of the year! Use this time to do something great!  

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2014-07-21 11:38

Early bird tickets to get inspired!

Don't miss the AWE Summit in October - safe money now!

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2014-07-18 13:18

Three Questions Which Can Change Everything

Time seems to pass by faster and faster, do you experience the same? Therefor it is especially important to ask yourself the 3 questions below! Don't just read quickly, but take your time to dive into these questions deeper and with an open and curious mind. The time will never come back - don't waste it!

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2014-06-29 13:40

How do you compete?

Competition is everywhere: in business we often challenge others in our field, in football we cheer our team to beat the opposing team and we often measure ourselves against other people. What type of competitor are you?

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2014-06-13 14:11

Throne of Appreciation

They were enriched through encouragement and support and all the participants were inspired to reflect. There were hearty laughs, and oh so often an emotional tear was shed. All in all, it was very personal!

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2014-06-01 10:00

Does that sound familiar?

It really is amazing, how we wouldn’t allow anyone to talk to us in the same way our own voice in our head does. We wouldn’t let anybody hinder us from doing what is important to us, like we hinder ourselves.

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2014-05-17 10:11


Every company needs to see the video in this post!

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