Book: Reflections

Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Newsletter "Reflections of the Week"

2013-11-09 14:50

Lessons from a fruit plate

What we can learn when we consciously go through life!

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2013-11-01 12:17


Regain your shining children’s eyes and enjoy the positive energy!

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2013-10-18 10:00

What you think will create a certain feeling

„What you think, will create a certain feeling, that leads to a certain behavior, action and outcome. If you don’t like the outcome, stop and reflect what you are thinking!“

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2013-10-05 09:30

Time to celebrate!

10 years ago I started on an exciting journey. 

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2013-09-26 16:32

The Language of Positive Change

When you meet your next business associate or friend don't ask ...

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2013-09-19 18:42

Top 10 Ways to Cope with Job Transition

Sometimes we just need some sort of signpost to find our way. Today you are getting 10 of them!

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2013-09-10 15:38

Are You Doer or Victim?

When something unexpected and unwanted happens, what role are you slipping in?

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2013-09-06 15:56


Today I have a message to all the perfectionists out there, as well as to those of you, who are rather cutting corners!

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2013-08-31 15:10

Let's be honest now!

We are all different in the way we deal with difficulties and obstacles in life. It quickly becomes visible in a conversation when somebody reacts inappropriately to difficulties. 

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