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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Newsletter "Reflections of the Week"

2012-11-24 14:37

How not to get stressed by family members, friends and other people in the Christmas time? Part 1: Who is responsible?

Three years ago, almost to the day, I held a presentation which was received with applause and great interest.

Since the Christmas time is approaching again I would like to readdress a few points from that presentation and I hope that with their help you will remain calm and composed and not let other people stress you out.

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2012-11-17 08:59

Taking Risks!

An entrepreneur friend of mine once told me the secret of his successful attitude

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2012-11-10 14:51

Do you fit in or do you stand out?

Last week it was about success and about everything that you do and achieve. Today is only about you and your gift to the world. It’s about what is easy for you, your natural strength, what really creates you and how you are unique – if you only let it happen and don’t adapt to everything or adjust yourself!

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2012-11-02 20:33

Now hang on a minute!

A few weeks ago I often had the feeling of not being able to get anything together. Nothing seemed to flow from my hands as usual. My internal detractor showed up forcefully and had fun with me. Do you know this feeling as well?

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2012-10-27 09:44

The Art of Living

How is it with the „art of living“? Which role do you most enjoy taking: the one of the artist or of the critic?

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2012-10-20 12:04

Snowed under, or what happens when something changes.

Last weekend we were literally snowed under and we were unable to travel. It was really interesting to observe the different aspects of the situation and the reaction of all of us.

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2012-10-11 21:16

Is this the time for a reboot?

Is everything running well at the moment or do you need a new impulse before making the final spurt towards the finishing line this year?

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2012-10-05 16:56

Who do you think you are?

„You are not good enough. You are too fat. Who do you think you are? You are never going to be able to pull this off. Look at you, you are a looser. Nobody likes you. Nobody wants to spend time with you!”

“Stop it! This is absolutely shocking!” said my client after I was finished with my statements. “Nobody is ever allowed to talk to me that way” and I could only agree with her.

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