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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Newsletter "Reflections of the Week"

2014-06-29 13:40

How do you compete?

Competition is everywhere: in business we often challenge others in our field, in football we cheer our team to beat the opposing team and we often measure ourselves against other people. What type of competitor are you?

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2012-10-27 09:44

The Art of Living

How is it with the „art of living“? Which role do you most enjoy taking: the one of the artist or of the critic?

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2012-02-10 22:45

Have you asked why...?

Why do you actually get up in the morning? Why do you spend so much time working, telephoning, eating, driving, cleaning or watching TV?

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2011-06-17 13:46

How to give great advice!

How does it happen that we feel understood and helped after the conversations with some people and discouraged and annoyed by even the best-intended advice of others? What makes this difference?

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2011-03-12 14:30

Family and Culture

Consider this: if you feel like complaining about or resisting something in your life right now, perhaps it could help to change your perspective?

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2010-06-09 11:58


Do you feel more “remotely controlled” or are you at the steering wheel? Do you operate or action with intention and are you following a specific goal?

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