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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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2015-08-06 14:56

The Sure Way to Appreciation, Bonding and Loyalty

Do you know the value of a personal story? As a matter of fact it is quite simple. As soon as one connects a personal, positive story with a human, a subject or an activity, one feels appreciated, bonded and loyal.

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2014-10-07 16:25

How Un-Storytelling can change your life - Speech for the AWE Summit Zürich 2014 by Désirée Steinmann

Learn how storytelling or un-storytelling can change your life and walk away with 3 clear core messages! (the speech for the AWE Summit Zürich 2014 by Désirée Steinmann)

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2014-06-01 10:00

Does that sound familiar?

It really is amazing, how we wouldn’t allow anyone to talk to us in the same way our own voice in our head does. We wouldn’t let anybody hinder us from doing what is important to us, like we hinder ourselves.

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2013-10-18 10:00

What you think will create a certain feeling

„What you think, will create a certain feeling, that leads to a certain behavior, action and outcome. If you don’t like the outcome, stop and reflect what you are thinking!“

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2013-09-26 16:32

The Language of Positive Change

When you meet your next business associate or friend don't ask ...

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2012-12-14 19:58

How not to get stressed by family members, friends and other people in the Xmas time? Part 4 – Become the observer!

Have you ever had a lively discussion, or even an argument with somebody and you had an impression that what was being said was in fact different from the discussed subject?  The famous toothpaste cap which caused a divorce? 

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2012-11-24 14:37

How not to get stressed by family members, friends and other people in the Christmas time? Part 1: Who is responsible?

Three years ago, almost to the day, I held a presentation which was received with applause and great interest.

Since the Christmas time is approaching again I would like to readdress a few points from that presentation and I hope that with their help you will remain calm and composed and not let other people stress you out.

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