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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Newsletter "Reflections of the Week"

2015-08-13 11:03

This New World Needs New Paradigms

Our world is changing faster and more globally than ever before. We have entered a new era with breathtaking speed and this is why I’m asking myself today: “Are we aware of the new challenges and the new opportunities?”

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2014-06-13 14:11

Throne of Appreciation

They were enriched through encouragement and support and all the participants were inspired to reflect. There were hearty laughs, and oh so often an emotional tear was shed. All in all, it was very personal!

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2011-10-29 17:01

Modern Staging

When something breaks the mould, it changes also the viewers or the insiders ...

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2011-10-22 12:47


To be as carefree as a child again, wouldn’t that be great? We wouldn’t have to care about having a job tomorrow, or how we pay bills ...

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2011-04-02 18:26

Sleep Well? or Sleep Well!!!

We have been increasingly living a lifestyle of too much adrenaline and not enough sleep! When I look closely at our world, I cannot help but notice that we might have arrived at our limits here.

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2010-06-04 21:23

Don’t be so flexible

Are you flexible and adaptable? Then please read on …

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2010-04-10 10:37

Out of The Comfort Zone!

How much time per day or month, do you spend in your comfort zone? A perfect place to relax but not a place to stay for longer or forever spend time in, because development, the learning and the challenge to actively participate in life and determine the future, is outside of our comfort zone!

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2009-10-11 10:00

Is it time to set boundaries?

For me this week’s theme was definitely Christmas. I started to wrap presents with nice paper and beautiful ribbons, sent the first packages to friends and family further away, and started to write my private annual review of the past year.

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