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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Newsletter "Reflections of the Week"

2011-11-26 16:51

Six Thoughts about Self-Motivation and Fulfilling of Dreams

When I look back at the last few years, I can clearly see how much I’ve learnt.

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2011-11-19 15:19

Leading With a Feeling

Where in all of this is the dance of life? Where is the lightness? What is necessary for this elegance and the union?

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2011-02-18 18:33

How do you show admiration and praise?

Which of these three ways of showing admiration and giving praise do you like best?

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2011-01-28 21:58

Strengths or Weaknesses

In coaching, same as in professional life, there is much talk about strengths and weaknesses. Where is currently your focus?

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2010-09-11 10:39

Two Monks

today I have a ZEN story to share with you that made me think

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2010-06-04 21:23

Don’t be so flexible

Are you flexible and adaptable? Then please read on …

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2010-05-23 21:10

The ultimate three possibilities that you have!

No complaining, no accusations nor being a victim. As soon as you understand that you have a choice, you can more easily assess the consequences and then make a well grounded decision. So, what are the three possibilities that we always have?

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2010-05-14 23:42

The Well of Success – 100% Responsibility

It sounds fairly logical and easy to understand, but how do we do with the execution? What exactly does it mean to take on total responsibility for your own situation?

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