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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Newsletter "Reflections of the Week"

2012-10-27 09:44

The Art of Living

How is it with the „art of living“? Which role do you most enjoy taking: the one of the artist or of the critic?

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2012-08-28 17:49

Are you as successful in private life as you are in your job?

Hardly back from the holidays and already stressed again? Read on to find a few valuable reflections which are worth to internalize for your own benefit.

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2012-05-18 08:31

Do you live accidentally, incidentally or intentionally?

Do you live accidentally, incidentally or intentionally? At first glance this question doesn’t seem to be too serious or too deep, but when one really looks into it, the importance of it becomes clear.

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2011-09-30 17:36

Do You Use Your Leisure Time Well?

“Free time” is the time that is free from professional and family duties or responsibilities, such as work, social meetings, family gatherings, club events etc. If you were to describe how you spend your free time, what would you say?

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2011-09-20 11:12

Monumental Thoughts

Back then, what had the highest value was splendor and artistry. Today the highest value is ...

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2011-05-25 18:07

Resist The Temptation!

We all know there is no free lunch. Everything has a cause and effect.

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2010-09-18 17:28

30 Seconds with Great Depth

Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them – work, family, health, friends and spirit … and you’re keeping all of these in the air.

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2010-06-09 11:58


Do you feel more “remotely controlled” or are you at the steering wheel? Do you operate or action with intention and are you following a specific goal?

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2009-11-08 10:00


If you want to change feeling low energy and laziness, read the tips and let them inspire you to come up with your own action plan to get reenergized for this week and the whole winter season to come - starting now!

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