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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Newsletter "Reflections of the Week"

2014-06-13 14:11

Throne of Appreciation

They were enriched through encouragement and support and all the participants were inspired to reflect. There were hearty laughs, and oh so often an emotional tear was shed. All in all, it was very personal!

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2012-06-23 20:09

Selective hearing

When I was young I thought that selective hearing was like playing a bad trick on someone - now, however, I value it as an excellent approach for ...

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2012-06-09 12:37

I see something that you don't!

A human brain “thinks” in images. And that’s exactly where the problem begins.

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2012-01-29 08:33

Should I listen to what I’ve got to say?

Have you ever given somebody advice or feedback that you should have taken on board yourself?

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2011-10-09 11:34

More Success in Relationships!

What would you say if today I gave you some ideas and questions that could improve your relationships with your spouse or your partner? Or if I gave you tips on how to strengthen your relationships with your children, parents, siblings and friends?

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2009-11-01 10:00

Time for Reflection

There are many factors why more and more people now use coaching privately. One is that life has become much more complex and fast paced, and we easily are caught up in the performance mode of “instant action” with little time for reflection.

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