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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Newsletter "Reflections of the Week"

2014-10-18 20:07

Synergy - a Win-Win Situation

So, ready, steady…..synergy! Take a moment now to find your synergy possibilities!

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2014-06-01 10:00

Does that sound familiar?

It really is amazing, how we wouldn’t allow anyone to talk to us in the same way our own voice in our head does. We wouldn’t let anybody hinder us from doing what is important to us, like we hinder ourselves.

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2012-11-17 08:59

Taking Risks!

An entrepreneur friend of mine once told me the secret of his successful attitude

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2011-05-08 17:23

Virtual VIP TEAM - BUSINESS STARTUP is starting in June!

The first VIP TEAM is ready to get started (we still have one space free!). As I had some people ask for a virtual team to enable participation even when not near Zürich ... here it comes!

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2011-04-06 14:19

A Gift Which Can Change Many Lives!

Seth Godin describes in his book “Linchpin” how many ordinary people become special by using their skills and abilities to make gifts. We underestimate our impact on the world! Our every word or action has the potential to change somebody’s life, whether we realize it or not.

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2011-03-04 15:13

How to be positive?

Which group of people do you belong to? Is the glass half empty or half full for you? Is the personal attitude something we are born with or can it be consciously trained?

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2010-10-29 21:38

Back to Basics - 2011

The big success of 2010 will be repeated!

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