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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Newsletter "Reflections of the Week"

2012-05-04 19:08

Establish New Rules

I have received many personal messages in response to my last newsletter. Someone has me this really good question: “How can I create change in a relationship once I have decided that enough is enough?”

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2011-11-13 09:27

Does your past influence your future?

Have you ever failed at something? In what frame of mind did you go to your next exam, start a new project or pick up another sports discipline?

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2011-03-12 14:30

Family and Culture

Consider this: if you feel like complaining about or resisting something in your life right now, perhaps it could help to change your perspective?

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2011-02-18 18:33

How do you show admiration and praise?

Which of these three ways of showing admiration and giving praise do you like best?

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2010-06-16 13:23

Valuating or Learning

Improvement means to know more, better understand, and find new possibilities...this process is called learning! The question is only how one learns properly?

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2010-05-30 10:30

Are You Switched On or Off?

What makes some people so successful, motivated and positive, while others who step up simply don’t move from the starting line? Irrespective of what they are doing, why are certain people engaged with an inner passion, while others are rather mechanical and distanced? To which category do you belong?

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2009-11-15 10:00

Allow yourself the feeling of Aliveness!

Take part in the 10 day challenge: more water and air for more „aliveness “.

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2009-10-11 10:00

Is it time to set boundaries?

For me this week’s theme was definitely Christmas. I started to wrap presents with nice paper and beautiful ribbons, sent the first packages to friends and family further away, and started to write my private annual review of the past year.

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