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How to have a successful Energy Day

The Energy Day is the day, where we are totally committed to get rid of as many tolerations as possible. Tolerations are things that drain our energy. To get started, make a list of all the tolerations that you see in your life (preferably a few days before the Energy Day, so you can buy the things that you might need to exchange - like light bulbs).

Here is a list of possible things:

  • broken light bulb
  • missing button on jacket
  • a desk full of papers
  • not having a plan for doing sports
  • friends who don't treat me right
  • clutter
  • a website that needs updating
  • taxes that need to be sorted out
  • piles of laundry in the bathroom
  • phone calls that needed to be done since a long time
  • watching too much TV
  • bad diet or no food in the house
  • dirty car
  • bad haircut
  • having more books then space to store them properly
  • .......

I believe you get the picture.

The next thing to do is to find partners to share this day with, either via phone, in person (if you live close by) or via Skype. Talk to each other in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening and motivates each other to get rid of all the items on the list or at least create a plan on how to, if you can't finish it on that day. Some people even call each other every hour to keep the momentum going and then celebrate with a dinner or happy hour afterwards. Make it fun and be committed to fix things, make better plans or let go of things. You will be positively surprised, when you see how much energy that day will set free in you! This is the beginning of a toleration free life!

If you can't fine other people to join you, find out if I am hosting a group right now or contact a coach (like me) to support you in that.