Book: Reflections

Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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What clients say about working with me


… we coordinated a major training event for FEDEX Canada in Toronto, Canada for 60 senior employees.

Desiree played an intimate part in planning, designing and delivering this 3 day event. She worked as a very important member of our team. Her ideas during the planning stage were very innovative and relevant to the program. Her delivery of training during the event was extremely professional and very well received by the participants. She displayed a special talent to blend in and make our client's employees very comfortable and receptive to ideas.

I would strongly recommend Desiree Steinmann. We will use her services again and often whenever we can in North America and Europe. We found her uniquely capable of working very well in a multi-cultural environment. She is an excellent team player, a very good trainer and very creative.

Dan Yolleck
Leadership and Coaching Partners International



the really supportive and encouraging way you listen to me and my issues, the open, respectful and revealing questions you ask, give me the wonderful opportunity to open myself, reflect and start to see new ways to look at my life and the world around me. My self-care, my self-esteem and my relationships with other people are positively affected and I have a much better focus on what I want to do with my career. I admire the way you stay committed to yourself and our relationship!

Ingeborg v. M., Netherlands


I started coaching with Désirée because ...

The first time Désirée and I talked about a possible ‘coaching-relationship’, we were both at the start of a big adventure: starting our own company. Thus we both felt we should support each other in making it a success; I became one of her first (or the first?) coachees, she helped me tackling the obstacles I observed on my way. Meanwhile, this first conversation is 3 years ago. I guess we both grew a lot since and my growth stems for a substantial part from our coaching sessions. And the fact that we still repeat the coaching in time intervals, shows that I trust her and keep on gaining from her coaching.

Désirée helps me to …

  • Find structure in my working day and balance my work-family life
  • Gain confidence and make me believe that I can achieve what I aim to achieve
  • Understand myself in a more holistic way by giving feedback through her observations and other methods (like DISC profile)
  • Learn how to get to know myself and my strengths and desires better by showing me how to do self-analyses (writing down how I feel and why, writing down where I think my strengths and weaknesses are, writing down what gives me energy and what makes me loose energy)
  • Find the essence of my work again every time I tend to loose track

My biggest shift was …

To get a better picture of myself. To discover where and how I can use my strengths to achieve my goals. To discover how I can divide my energy best in order to feel balanced and happy.

I like working with Désirée because …

Desiree is a very good listener and poses the right questions. She is an extremely empathic person. She is able to reach me at a deep level and therefore make me change my behavior. She is a good comforter. She is very structured in the way she works and… we can laugh as well. But most of all, I got to know a very trustworthy person that I truly admire for her own professional career and ambitions and who helps me find my way in a jungle of ideas and activities.

Els Koopmann, Hamburg, Germany


Working with Désirée has provided a new perspective to my life. I have long been aware that I procrastinate too much and avoid unpleasant tasks that I know will have to be completed at some stage. Désirée has been able to show me how to break down my imaginary barriers, allowing me to have more control over my life. By understanding my own values I am now better placed to be pro-active in both my private and business life - the holistic approach that Désirée takes has really worked for me. And it's been fun too!

Geoff Collins, Switzerland


I met Desiree on a vacation and there she gave me a short coaching experience where I had a big AHA moment and recognized a new approach to a problem. I was happy to learn that she coaches over the phone and so I started to work with Desiree to really try to find a direction in my life. Several things were happening all at once and I felt out of control.

Desiree helped me to gain control over what was happening and also focus on those issues that were important to me, especially my family. The aspect of the coaching I really enjoyed was the visualisation of my future, as this really helped me understand who I really was and how I wanted my life. If someone was to ask me to summarise working with such a great person as Desiree I would say it was an honour. Her guidance and clear direction assisted me in prioritising my life. Thank you Desiree.

Adam P., Bahrain


I and my husband moved to Switzerland from Asia. After some challenging months in trying to settle into a rhythm in our lives in Zurich we decided to take up coaching to adjust to a new country where we had little in common culturally and linguistically.

Desiree helped me to outline different problem areas and stepwise approach in sorting them. She made me realise that I can solve my problems on my own by seeking answers within me that has come handy on a daily basis. It has helped me to build my self esteem. She gave me tips to overcome certain challenges. She gave me the push that was necessary to settle into a rhythm.

Upon completion of the sessions with Desiree I was able to find myself back. It helped me make some crucial decisions that involved changing my lifestyle. I liked it because her coaching style was very easy to understand. She gave homework to train myself on the ideas discussed during the session. She conducted exercises e.g. to envision my future and start taking necessary steps in accordance. Or the DISC profile analysis for my husband, which helped him understand his strengths and weaknesses and improve accordingly.

If someone asked me to summarize the experience working with her I would say our experience was very good as we feel we did the right thing by getting coaching from her. She gives good advice, guidance and tips. These are simple yet nail the problem on its head.

A & P, Switzerland


Dear Desirée

Thanks for the wishes and remembering my birthday.

I would also like to mention that I am implementing all that I learnt from you. After a little struggle initially I am on the correct path now. I have a full busy calendar, new friends, strong bonds with old friends, new hobbies, a room full of paintings and feel charged up, jolly and satisfied all the time. Only thing I have lost is my weight :)

Thanks a lot!

(P. Switzerland, one year later!)


One of Desiree's true gifts is that she can present a workshop to a full room, yet make individual contact with virtually everyone.  As a participant, you leave feeling like you've had an individual coaching session.  Her information is relevant, positive, professional, and personal.  She is engaging, uplifting, and motivational.  Plus, the gentle manner in which she presents herself generates trust and puts her audience at ease immediately.  I look forward to attending more sessions with Desiree.

Margaret Feldmeth
Expat from Texas, currently living in Zurich


I found that Desiree's combination of professionalism and friendly empathy helped me think about what makes me tick and how to get there. I wasn't sure what to expect before meeting Desiree. After a single conversation with her, it felt as though there are so many more options for me than I had imagined.

Astrid Carver-Courcier, Switzerland


I started coaching with Desiree after I had taken an ex-pat workshop she presented at the AWCZ. The workshop was quite pertinent to me because I knew I wanted to make the most of my ex-pat experience but wasn't sure how to do that myself. Desiree offered a complimentary phone consultation as part of the workshop, and after our first session, I was "hooked."

Desiree helped me to define my goals for my time in Switzerland and also worked with me on issues related to my family and my career. I am amazed by Desiree's intuition and ability to see sides of an issue I would never have considered. She is a wonderful source for individuals and families who want to live the most optimal life possible. Desiree has a wealth of wisdom about goal setting, time management, reaching your highest potential, coaching your teens, career planning, and personal relationships.

I've worked with Desiree for over 18 months, and in that time I would say I have been able to achieve almost every goal we have set. I have built a new life for our family here, found a job and also prepared us for when we eventually leave Switzerland. Through all of this, Desiree provided a sounding board and support network for me which is priceless when you move to a new country and no longer have family and friends nearby who really understand your new life. She provided insight from her own life and from her experiences as a coach. I very highly recommend Desiree as a coach.

K.C., Switzerland


Today I was thinking of you and the time when you advised me to work with what I am passionate about, and when I told you that what I most enjoy is to create the corporate design and web for my business projects. I remember that you said "why don't you do that as a business?"

I just want to let you know how incredibly grateful I am that you said that and what the impact has been on my life. I feel with the design business that I have come home and it is just so wonderful. The people I meet; entrepreneurs, creatives, passionate people. Just the fact that I can choose who to hang around with! I LOVE the work itself, I loose track of time and space. It must really be my purpose in life, gift or whatever one can call it. My life has improved many times over thanks to the little push from you and for that I am forever grateful! I have gone from waking up monday-friday feeling boredom and frustration to waking up every morning thinking "carpe diem!", I go to the gym in the morning, I can get a dog if I want and so on, the list is endless..and the opportunity has no limit with my own business and I'm going to push myself to reach the sky. I feel so unbelievably fortunate to have this life.

Thank you again for doing the work you do, it is truly amazing.

Have a wonderful day

Ann Söderblom, Zürich, Switzerland


If you can read german, take a look also at the german feedback!