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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Outperform by becoming a purpose-driven person/organization

Imagine, you can switch yourself and others on like a light bulb, so everyone has a great sense of meaning and purpose every day!

Imagine companies outperform based on having intrinsically motivated people!

Imagine a healthy and thriving society, where people work for more that money and status!

Why do we work with purpose?

Research proves that purpose-oriented organization will achieve 600% higher performance over 10 years, are 68% more likely to experience revenue growth and will benefit from a 50% bigger leadership pipeline.

Today, people are increasingly looking for jobs that give them personal fulfillment; and companies are seeing that purpose-oriented employees are more productive and successful, bringing them measurable business impact. Research from the E.Y. Beacon Institute and Harvard Business School shows that companies that lead with purpose and have purpose-oriented leaders are more likely to outperform competition and grow their profits while driving meaningful impact.



Developing Purpose Leaders and Organizations

Think about your workplace. Are your leaders, employees and coworkers set up to achieve their highest potential and have a sense of fulfillment at the same time? Are you?

At Steinmann International GmbH, in collaboration with Imperative, we partner with you and your organization to achieve sustainable business growth and stay relevant in the highly-competitive market by:

  1. Empowering purpose-oriented individuals by bringing clarity about their own purpose profile and taking ownership for their personal growth and development.
  2. Using the unique Team Purpose Assessment to enhance cooperation, speed up decision making, create psychological safety and enable more effective communication and teamwork across your teams and departments.
  3. Supporting you in incorporating purpose into your corporate strategy, system and symbols and aligning individual, team and organizational purpose, transforming into a purpose-driven organization.
  4. Innovating your hiring and onboarding practices assuring you hire and retain the right talent.

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