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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Selected Engagements with Individuals and Companies


Coaching focus

Selected focal points and results


Managing workload and burn out syndrome

Understanding of own drivers; managing energy and life balance; prioritizing and focussing. Resulted in much greater personal ownership and awareness of choices.



Adapting mindset of opportunity to design the future including identification of strengths and limitations for targeting new position. Successfully obtained new position with 90 & 180 day integration plan.


Leadership development

Develop communication and leadership style through understanding the different personality types and own communication approach. Resulted in understanding people in team to best reach the desired outcome and while delegating and empowering.

Rapp Medizintechnik

Business and leadership development

Development as a leader with work life balance. Result: business development with compelling mission based on strengths and values, and  identifying key points for customer proposals.

Mace International, Bahrain

Leadership, Communication

Better communication, delegation, understanding personal and interpersonal challenges. Opened up to seeing new opportunities and solutions.

Kodak Cinelabs

Motivation, engagement, focus

Increasing motivation and engagement by identification with the company and current role. As a result better focus and integration within the team.

Orbium Group

DISC Profile and Career development

Understanding of preferences and strengths. Communicating effectively and identifying possible future career and development steps. Developed personal leadership style and plan.

Credit Suisse

intercultural integration

Understanding different cultural approaches to work, social interaction, goal setting, communication and mindsets. Resulted in better teamwork, enhanced repertoire as a leader, and better integration within the company

Tempobrain CEO

Strategy, Vision, Development

Outside look for CEO, reflecting on strategy, challenges and self development. Provide a challenge not received from within the company resulting in a clear view, and better evaluation of possibilities.