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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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bringing attention to your everyday life!

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A few years ago I started to send out weekly letters to a growing number of subscribers. This allows me to life my value to inspire and strengthen people to create a fulfilled life for themselves and to make better choices. Now, that so many letters have been written, it made sense to put the best ones into this book to accompany you through out the year. The goal it to trigger deeper reflection, maybe offering different ways to look at something, to fill you with energy and enable you to see more possibilities. Just read one chapter per week and then see how the heightened awareness is influencing your life. Each chapter has a space for your own thoughts, ideas and insights to be recorded. Then it is up to you to put them into action!


Switzerland: CHF 18 + Delivery (CHF 4,-)

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USA: $ 17 + Delivery ($ 10,50)

For delivery in other countries, please ask me for details.

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