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Reflections - bringing attention to your daily life by Désirée Steinmann

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Tips on Time Management

  1. Do you want to minimize "junk mail"? Create a page of stickers with „return to sender". Whenever you get advertisements and letters you don't want to receive, stick one on and send it back. After 4 weeks you will get rid of junk mail and it doesn't cost much time!
  2. To automate your actions and ensure you don't forget anything, create checklists for repetitive tasks like event planning, organizing meetings, distribution- or packing- lists for travel.
  3. If your desk is overflowing, stop what you are doing, set a timer for 15 minutes and tidy up! The trick is, that you will most likely get rid of the chaos within 15 minutes, but we often don't start as we assume it would take longer.
  4. Write an itinerary when you travel! Note all the names and addresses with phone numbers. Record all the times, dates and flight information or train information and hotel details. This list gives you an overview and you can leave it with people who might need to contact you.
  5. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, don't stand in line at the ticket counter. Use the next phone and call the airline hotline to get first in line!
  6. Organize meetings with colleagues using a pyramid approach: start the meeting by discussing issues relevant to everybody (the bottom of the pyramid). Then discuss issues that need fewer people involved - the others can already leave and return to work. In this way you work your way up to "the top of the pyramid", and you will have fewer complaints about wasted time at meetings!
  7. If you would like to drink a glas of wine during the break at the opera or a theater, without staning in line for a long time only to then not having enough time to enjoy it, order and pay it in advance. In most cases you will even get a reserved table, ready for you to enjoy your drinks.