Buch: Reflexionen

Reflexionen - bringen Bewusstsein in Ihr tägliches Leben von Désirée Steinmann

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Business Start Up + Young Business

Your membership to success!

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  • Do you have a business idea but don‘t get started?
  • Do you have a business but it is not really going anywhere?
  • Do you want to aligne your business to your personal values and style?
  • Are you more successful when you have thinking partners?
  • Do you need people around you that support you and hold you accountable to drive success?
  • Do you dream of having a coach and a trusted advisory board around you?

Then take ACTION TODAY and become a VIP TEAM Member!

What do we do?

During 7 months you are working hand in hand on your business plan of your choice and on your personal  development as a business owner. You will understand more about your values, strengths, your communication style and how you might sabotage your own success.

You will learn strategies and frameworks how to manage your mind, your behaviour and develop routines that support you. You will have a clear picture of your perfect target market, client, your preferred marketing strategy as well as brainstorm innovative ways to sell your products or services.

You practice your presentation skills and get valuable feedback. On this journey you are accompanied by other business owners. You will learn from them, support them, share experiences with them and your trusted fellow members might become your advisory board for the years to come.


What do you get?

  • 7 Months of guided process
  • A handout and workshops with clear instruction
  • A full business plan of your choice (createt by you)
  • A professional coach facilitating the workshop
  • Fellow members who are fully commited to support you
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What are the formats?

Face to Face

Location Zürich
Between 6 and 8 members
Between 4.5 and 5 hours
SFr. 250,- per month for 7 months incl. VAT


Location, the web
Between 6 and 10 members
Between 3.5 and 5 hours
SFr. 200,- per month for 7 month incl. VAT

Free Detailed Training Videos

on how to create and drive success as an entrepreneur. Learn right away the 3 success pillars and put them into action! Click here to get to the free videos!


Founder and Facilitator of the VIP TEAM


Désirée Steinmann is a certified professional coach and Master Trainer with many years of experience in the international arena. She is working with individuals on a private basis, business owners and employees or leaders of big corporations such as UBS, DOW Chemical, Tempobrain, Accenture, Trestle Foundation and many more. She is also the author of the book „Reflections—bringing attention to your every day life“, leader
of the success group of the Professional Women's Group of Zürich and a public speaker.

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comments received from participants

"The VIP TEAM has provided a brilliant platform of support, idea-generation and creativity for my business. Desiree is an extremely talented coach who has not only masterminded this concept but made it into a real success.”

Assem Klammsteiner, Simply Soup, www.simplysoup.ch


“Being a part of this group, is making the possibility of success obvious, leaving failing far behind. If you think you can't afford it, think again! What you can't afford is not being in this group - because Desirée's groups make the difference between a successful joint team process and a lonely struggle.”

Lihi Ben Haim


“Inspiring, supportive, energetic, well-structured – an extremely helpful group for women wanting to set up their own business.”

Warmly recommended by Catharina Kreysel, www.ck-coaching.com


“Very supportive network of inspiring ladies where it is great fun to bounce ideas off and to brainstorm when help is needed.”

Recommended by Rowena www.roro.ch


“VIP TEAM - the sounding board of players with diverse, valued expertise has truly enhanced my business plan tuning which requires B2C, B2B, x-industry and x-cultural notes. I highly recommend the coach and the concept!”

M.S. Hartikainen


“The VIP TEAM is dynamic platform where I have been given tremendous support for my venture through the way the course is setup and most importantly by the input, expertise and exchange of ideas from the group and Desiree. I highly recommended it!”



“After each VIP Team session I walk out with positive energy and new ideas that bring me closer to my dream. Desiree always encourages and finds the right food of thought for each member. I highly recommend joining the next VIP Team, since you not only profit from Desiree expertise, but also from a diverse group of talented and commited people.”

Carmen Montenegro


"The VIP course has helped me get my business off the ground in Switzerland in a way that I would have not been able to do by myself. The knowledge, guidance and support has moved me to the next level.
Desiree is an inspiration, pure and simple. She simply shines in a room, and I cannot help but be swept up in the positive, top-of-the-game energy that she gives off. Anything is possible with the VIP and Desiree!"

Tammy Fuery, www.fureycoaching.co.uk 

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