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Meet The Team


We believe in assisting People and Teams to find their integrity, discovering where their power lies and staying connected - connecting to themselves and (through that close connection with themselves) being able to connect to other people. No need to play games, manipulate or justify. That leaves room for diversity, for exchanging ideas, for open discussion and for growth - whether it´s in business, personal development, or life in general.

Désirée Steinmann ausgeschnitten (2).png
  • ACC Certified with ICF

  • Coach U Graduate

  • Behavioral Profile Analysis Certificate

  • BDVT Certified Trainer

Désirée Steinmann

Founder & CEO


Clients describe Désirée as an inspiring, motivating, caring, visionary and moving forward personality who often thinks out of the box and sees possibilities where others see problems.

Désirée had a ten-year sales and marketing career with international sales responsibilities. Already then, was her success based on her focus on people: how they make decisions, how different personality types communicate and what drives or motivates people.

After time off for their children, Désirée started with her second career with her own training and coaching company in 2003. Désirée is a Professional Master Trainer, DISC Profiler and Coach U Advanced Coaching Graduate. She completed the ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Certification with thousands of hours of coaching experience, and coaches individuals and teams by creating clarity, ownership and action. Désirée has worked and lived in five countries in Europe and Canada which lay the foundation for her expertise in cross-cultural communication and integration. Désirée works with international companies and individuals, has a holistic and authentic approach, and specializes in human behavior.

Peter Steinmann

Business Development Advisor & CFO


Peter draws on his extensive international experience as a senior executive in the medical device industry to provide strategic business development advice. He operates both as a board director and sounding partner with a focus on developing sales & marketing strategies. Most of his work is with medical technology companies.

  • Boston University  M.B.A. Finance & Marketing

  • Boston College 
    B.A. Economics

  • Coach for The Work of Byron Katie

  • Masterclass Personal Persuasion

  • Rational emotive therapy, CIVAS academy

Marjan De Boer

"The Work" Specialist


Marjan´s background and experience lie in the field of communication and marketing. She has worked for various companies both at home and abroad. About 15 years ago she completely changed direction: she discovered The Work of Byron Katie and became a trainer of the Personal Development Seminar. Both methods made her realize that it is not only important how we communicate with others, but especially how we communicate with ourselves.


Marjan´s main strength is helping you see that inner peace begins with awareness of your thought patterns. When you start looking at your restlessness, your frustration or your stress, you will see that there is always an opinion or judgment about something or someone else underlying it. And that's where the way out begins. Not by continuing to push or believe that things should be different, but by examining those thoughts. 

As a result, you find solutions that you can influence, your tension and stress decrease and you can look at yourself and the people around you with more understanding. In short, you become happier and more effective.


Marjan is married to Ruud and together they have 2 sons. Since 1998 they live in the north of Spain.

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