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Brainstorming Session

Visual Facilitation



Ingredience of effective workshops are

  • Engaging each participant actively

  • Seeing, hearing and doing what you want to learn

  • Communicating clearly “What is in it for me” for each participant

  • Making it fun and memorable


Together with you we tailor each workshop to your needs and goals to ensure spot on relevance for each team. The flow of the workshop is created with a good mix of input, group work, hands on activities and simulations or play to produce take-aways and actions steps for a successful transfer into the everyday working life. Each topic is delivered with a strong focus on behavioral components, so each participant develops the skill to understand and manage human behavior in each situation.




High Performing










DISC Profile




Communication and Collaboration



And many more –

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“It is a pleasure to have been asked to write on behalf of Desiree Steinmann. Desiree was leading several team building & coaching workshops of logistics team. She is trustworthy and has the ability to connect with each member of the team in terms of fit and compatibility; as well se is someone who encourages reaching beyond what we thought it was possible. Desiree is secure in her own work and is able to demonstrate appreciation and respect for the unique style of each team member. I have to emphasize that she is aware of and allows for differences in style, culture, and language and she creates a safe and trusting space for the delivery of feedback, using a respectful, clear, judgment free tone In short, Desiree Steinmann has earned a reputation within a company as a hard-working, trustworthy individual who strives to excel in building and developing high performance teams.” 

—  Zeljko Urosevic

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