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DISC Profiles for individuals and teams

Speed reading profiles for effective interaction and sales.

Tailormade interactive workshops and offsites to develop high performing teams and leaders

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Coaching is an interactive process that supports individuals and organisations to find clarity, claim ownership and take action to develop more rapidly and produce better results. We believe in a holistic approach which covers all areas of your life, including business, career, health and relationships.

As a result of coaching you will set better goals, make authentic decisions and more fully use your strengths.

We will listen to the underlying issue, ask questions that bring new perspectives and reflect back, what we see, hear and sense, but we will not tell you what you should be doing and we will not judge your actions or inactions. You keep the control of the direction, the actions and your process.

Personal Profiles

The Personal Profile Analysis makes use of the DISC Model. DISC is a tool by which you become more aware of your work style and general behavior. “DISC” stands for and measures 4 factors of an individual’s behavior: D= Drive, I=Influence, S=Steadiness, and C=Compliance. Combining and relating these 4 factors provides you and your coach with a so-called profile.

Workshops / Facilitation

Together with you we tailor each workshop to your needs and goals to ensure spot on relevance for each team. The flow of the workshop is created with a good mix of input, group work, hands on activities and simulations or play to produce take-aways and actions steps for a successful transfer into the everyday working life. Each topic is delivered with a strong focus on behavioral components, so each participant develops the skill to understand and manage human behavior in each situation.

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“Desiree is a brilliant coach! Not only is she easy to communicate with but she always goes the extra mile to bring all her energy and passion to a conversation. She thinks out of the box, is always clear and to the point and also just a wonderful person. She asks all the right questions at the right time to get you thinking and always comes up with a brilliant result!” 

—  Assem Klammsteiner, CEO

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