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Making Notes

Life Coaching



Coaching is an interactive process that supports individuals and organisations to find clarity, claim ownership and take action to develop more rapidly and produce better results. We believe in a holistic approach which covers all areas of your life, including business, career, health and relationships.

As a result of coaching you will set better goals, make authentic decisions and more fully use your strengths.

We will listen to the underlying issue, ask questions that bring new perspectives and reflect back, what we see, hear and sense, but we will not tell you what you should be doing and we will not judge your actions or inactions. You keep the control of the direction, the actions and your process.

Making Notes
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Life Coaching


You want to develop yourself or change something in your life. You somehow feel stuck in a rut or want to have a new orientation. Some areas in your life seem not to be well balanced or you are unhappy. You have new goals or ideas and want to action on these more quickly and more easily, with the help of coaching.

Personal Development

  • Situational analysis – where did I come from and where do I want to go?

  • Develop a strategy with milestones


Values – Beliefs - Needs

  • Values – clearly defined they are like a checklist of standards, that fulfil your life and make it authentic

  • Beliefs – rules that help or hinder your life which can be proactively changed

  • Needs – unmet needs drain energy while fulfilled ones lead to a feeling of wholeness


Fulfilment In All Aspects Of Life

  • What belongs to a fulfilled life for you?

  • Which areas are neglected or not fulfilled?

  • Be self responsible and take on the next steps to define a fuller life


Personal Strengths

  • Recognize your personal strengths

  • Find or create the right environment

  • Better understand your own dynamics

  • Increase sense of self esteem


Improve Relationships / Friendships / Contacts

  • Active listening

  • Character relevant communication

  • Recognizing and managing expectations

  • How do I maintain my individuality in a partnership/company?


Life – Balance

  • Family, Friends

  • Work, Performance, Engagement

  • Physical fitness, Health

  • Purpose, Spirituality

  • Fun, Relaxation

Career Coaching


You want to have a planned career start or develop an existing one further. You are facing a new orientation, wanted or unwanted. You have big plans and want to proactively prepare for those. You have employees or are hiring these newly, and want to be sure to pick the right candidates. You have been skipped for promotions and want to change this.


New Orientation

  • Summarizing your abilities and knowledge

  • Create clarity about wishes, goals and enthusiasm

  • SWOT analysis


Analysis Of Potential

  • Strengths and Weakness Analysis

  • DISC Profile

  • 360° Feedback


Motivation, Enthusiasm

  • Drivers

  • Wishes – Goals - Vision

  • Intrinsic Motivators

  • Values - Needs

  • Peak-Performance


Recognizing Career Opportunities And Acting On Them

  • Define the next career step and prepare for it

  • Networking



  • Be successful and still have a private life

  • Stress – Relaxation – Regeneration

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Moving In
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Leadership Coaching


Are you already in a leadership position or do you want to prepare for the next career step and build or improve your capabilities as a leader? Are you looking for a “sparing partner” outside of your company with whom you can openly and honestly reflect and obtain an “outsiders view”?


Emotional Intelligence

  • Self awareness – consciously become self aware and understand your impact upon others

  • Self control – manage your energy, drivers and resources

  • Self motivation – the ability find or create enthusiasm within yourself

  • Empathy – the ability to understand the emotions of other people and react appropriately to them

  • Social competency – the ability to develop contacts and build lasting relationships, as well as maintain your network


Time And Self Management

  • Setting priorities

  • Being pro-active instead of re-active

  • Stress management (instead of burn out)

  • Effectiveness and efficiency


Team Development

  • Teambuilding

  • Identifying the individual strengths for the group and highlighting them

  • Creating understanding, team work, and trust (everyone “singing the same tune”)



  • Body language – non verbal communication

  • Proactive listening skills

  • Clear, direct and character relevant communication

  • Leading constructive and solution oriented discussions

  • Mastering difficult discussions professionally


Leader As Coach

  • Encourage ownership and independence instead of having to direct

  • The process is as important as the result

  • Supporting instead of controlling

  • Reflecting and asking questions instead of criticizing and judging

  • Encouraging trust and interest instead of competition and mistrust


Personal Leadership Style

  • Developing and understanding your own leadership style

  • Being able to adjust your leadership competencies to situations and employees

  • Understanding the direct and indirect consequences of your leadership style

Expat Coaching


This type of coaching is especially geared towards individuals who either lead an international life or live or work in a multi-cultural environment. It is often combined with Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Business Coaching and Leadership Coaching, however it augments with additional perspectives for unique needs.


Cultural Awareness

  • Clearly recognize the differences between ones own culture and other cultures

  • Enhance observational abilities and develop “finger tip” sensing

  • Behaviour, communication, leading a multi-cultural environment



  • Moving brings loss of identity, one looses ones surroundings, ones roles, ones relationships and often start at zero again

  • Who am I in constant change? Each change is like a new chapter in a book, how do I find the plot and write a good story?

  • How do I define and establish myself in a new, unknown environment?


Mobile Relationships

  • How do I handle family, partners, friendships?

  • Network despite mobile lifestyle

  • Managing proactively instead of being „the fire brigade“

  • Clearly define and work on expectations and needs


International Career Planning

  • Strengths and Weakness analysis

  • Recognize or create possibilities

  • Building international networks

  • Expanding your portfolio


Change Management

  • Staying flexible

  • Innovative thinking

  • Going forward strategically

  • Being open and aware

  • Excite and leading


Integration / Social Or Professional Network

  • How do I quickly integrate without loosing my individuality?

  • Where and how do I create a suitable environment?

  • From outsider or newcomer to being an active participant in a group or in a team


“Desiree is a brilliant coach! Not only is she easy to communicate with but she always goes the extra mile to bring all her energy and passion to a conversation. She thinks out of the box, is always clear and to the point and also just a wonderful person. She asks all the right questions at the right time to get you thinking and always comes up with a brilliant result!” 

—  Assem Klammsteiner, CEO

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