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3 pillars that will create meaning for you!

Finding more meaning in what we are doing is not so difficult if you know how ....

Sometimes when I walk into big organizations, I have the feeling the people function well but they are not really alive in there. What is this? Are you sometimes feeling like a robot or lack aliveness at work? It is really frustrating that so many managers and leaders are trying to create more engagement at the workplace, yet fail to see the human aspect or don’t know how to connect and understand what is needed to help their teams to have a greater sense of fulfillment. We all can agree, that we all have individual Purpose profiles, yet one thing is clear, we all gain a greater sense of meaning if we have more of these 3 things:

RELATIONSHIPS: Meaningful relationships give us a sense of belonging, they fill our emotional bucket and make us look forward to connect each day. It actually is connected to our very basic survival instinct and therefore runs deeply. In todays world we communicate way too much via text or without any personal aspects – goals oriented and “quick and dirty”, please take the time to connect on a human level and bring more person into the exchange to benefit both sides with more meaningful relationships. This is a good investment!

IMPACT: Having a sense of impact gives us a good reason to invest our energy. Are you celebrating your impact on a regular basis? We are in a world that is going faster and faster and too often we tick one thing off, just to run after the next thing to get it done to be in a hurry again. If we only look at what we have not done yet and don’t cherish what we actually achieved or if we don’t see how our contribution is adding to a bigger picture within the team, organization or world, we don’t get the wonderful doses of oxytocin that is being released in our brain and makes us feel great. Give yourself the gift of celebrating and bring your success into the right light and the bigger picture. Your contribution counts!

GROWTH: Growing personally or professionally means we are expanding and alive. Stagnation means death. If you have ever been too long in a place where no growth happened you know how this feels. We are wired to want to grow and it is up to you to make sure you are staying alive and agile. Of course there are phases in life where growth is not so prominent in all areas in our life, but it must be happening in at least one area to feed the others. Where are you growing right now? Where do you need to take action and create or ask for an opportunity to develop further?

I am a big fan of PERSONAL OWNERSHIP. If you read this, take action and ask yourself:

  • Am I taking care of my RIG? (Relationships, Impact, Growth)

  • Am I supporting other to have more meaning in their lives by helping them to have more RIG?

  • Am I in an organization that needs to make Purpose a priority?

Then start today and let’s have a conversation or make it happen.


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