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Give yourself this present!

You might say ‘I have a good life. I have a partner, a job, enough money, friends …, but somehow I feel something is missing.’ Or ‘I am feeling that I am settling with it and not really loving my life’. So, the question is: Are you actively creating the life you love or accepting what life is handing to you? And if you are accepting what is coming your way, are you at peace with it or is your mind often arguing with it and nagging and resenting? We all know the voices in our head that comment on all that is going on our life. How other people should treat us differently, how our body should be different or how we are just not good enough for this or that. These critical voices can dominate our minds and create stress, distance to others and negative emotions like shame, anger, frustration and resentment. Embracing life means to actively take a closer look at all aspects of our life, beginning with our mind. What is this driving force that interprets everything that happens to us, coloring it positive or negative? Learning to question this mind of yours enables you to start allowing a life you love. This mind shift is so powerful, that it will not only affect your life, but all lives around you. How about starting to keep a memo on your phone or a paper in your pocket and noting down all the negative internal talk that happens in your head all day long? Be honest and no censoring allowed... You might be surprised by what you read at the end of one week! Observing what goes on in your head is step one in starting the next year from a different perspective. It will give you the push to create a life you truly love. Give yourself the gift of taking a closer look and positive action will follow. Christmas is coming up and the perfect time for such a present – to yourself or to someone you love!


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