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Modern Staging

Here are some thoughts how to come more alive and have deeper relationships.

Some time ago I went to see a ballet performance that was choreographed by Heinz Spoerli. It was an avant-garde staging of the classic fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty". We laughed a lot, but we also got confused sometimes because we weren't sure how to interpret some new elements and new twists to this well known story. 

After the play, as we were enjoying our cocktails, we discussed the new staging in more detail. Unlike more traditional performances, where we would talk about the grace, elegance, and the harmony of music and dance, this play caused a deeper discussion about the confusing elements and their possible meaning and how the new staging reflected our life and the modern world.

When something breaks the mould, it changes also the viewers or the insiders. The fresh perspective inspires thinking outside the box; it wakes the imagination, encourages a new and unconventional approach and invites us to enter an uncharted territory where anything is possible. Leaving the comfort zone creates new possibilities for growth. It inspires and provokes new thoughts, the serene and the critical ones, and it leads to deeper reflections about oneself and the subject.

If you now look at the roles you play in your life: as a partner, as an employee, an entrepreneur, a mother, a father or a friend. Does everything run smoothly and as usual, rather un-stimulation? Is the time right to venture a more modern staging of your life in order put things in motion and experience more intensive human contacts?

The first step to the successful restaging lies in you and your desire to change.

What is the norm and how can you escape the routine? Look at this question deeper and try to find your individual answers.

Become the choreographer of your life and inspire better relationships with customers, colleagues and the loved ones... Curtains up!

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