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Stop Social Distancing!

The Corona Virus is creating new realities for us, we need to respond in the right way and social distancing is wrong! Here is why ....

I am on a mission to change the buzzword of today’s world “SOCIAL DISTANCING”! We need to do the opposite! We need to practice SPACIAL DISTANCING – which means leave space between us and others to not spread the virus! That is SPACIAL! When it comes to SOCIAL, we need to get closer to all the people we meet or know. Just hearing “social distancing” creates in many the feeling of being abandoned and alone! A friend just told me how she started to see others in the grocery store as enemy who might infect her with the virus and with it came the feeling of fear. I see people meeting on the street and they forget the “space” part often. So let’s hammer into our minds SPACIAL DISTANCING to underline the space part and in the same time practice SOCIAL CONNECTING.

So many are afraid, alone, lonely, overwhelmed, stressed, panicking, left behind, helpless etc. Reach out to them, offer an open ear, empathy, some uplifting words, maybe some solutions you have found for yourself to cope better or just let them know they are not alone and someone cares.

Many people have asked me, how do you think I can help? Be a SOCIAL WORKER and care more than you usually do, when you are on the everyday treadmill routine of work and life. Everything is different right now. For many, life has changed within a few days. It takes us much longer to adjust to change and everyone is coping differently with change. Be the CHANGE MANAGER in your environment and understand that others need to be heard, vent their emotions and be guided in uncertain times. Everything is different and with this we need new ideas and solutions to deal with everyday life, so become the INNOVATOR and brainstorm solutions and new ideas or strategies, instead of tooting in the horn of doom and gloom.


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