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Video Series ‘Valentine’s Day’ No. 1: Love In Times Of Corona!

How is your air at home? Stale from no oxygen (no human contact), skin hunger, no intimacy or lack of oxygen from too many people breathing your air away (too close in confined space for too long), being too intimate…?

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s a great time to take stock of your relationship, of the romance in your life, and the love! Corona is adding a whole extra level of extra stress and pain. Let’s use these next days to identify how to take the stress out of Valentine and as a warming up to our new online workshop ‘From Fighting to Forgiving’ – making your relationships (with yourself or with others) more loving! By the way, we’re not only talking about love relationships. Your relationship with your work colleague, neighbor or manager could perhaps also use a little more love! Here is your first step to better relationships …


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